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The main purpose of OKPhoto is to assist you in resizing and compressing your images before you send them via email.The application is easy to use and very versatile.Portable OKPhoto Feature:Preview your image on your screen and also test how it would look when it's in your email accountResize and compress your images to lighten the load for your email providerView all the options available in the projectExport and import projects from your SD cardChange the background for your projectView the image as a thumbnailAnd much more!Known as the most popular online PHP development frameworks, PHP frameworks are nothing but a web development technology that streamline the development process of a web application. PHP developers can use PHP frameworks to quickly develop a web application that's both easy to develop and maintain.Even the growth of PHP frameworks over the years has made it indispensable. PHP frameworks come with a built-in code base that allows developers to focus more on the development of their web application. Here are the top 5 PHP frameworks to choose from:LaravelAt the moment, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework.This PHP framework uses the MVC (model-view-controller) framework, and it's very easy to use.Laravel features an MVC architecture that allows developers to build responsive websites and web applications at an incredibly fast pace.SymfonySymfony is an open source PHP framework that provides PHP developers with the ability to quickly develop and maintain dynamic websites. Unlike Laravel, Symfony does not use an MVC architecture to develop websites and web applications.Instead, Symfony provides a full web architecture, which allows developers to quickly develop responsive websites and web applications with Symfony.LumenLumen is a lightweight PHP framework, which comes with a robust architecture that features a tight integration with Lumen.The framework provides a web application architecture that is completely reactive. This means that websites and web applications developed using Lumen are dynamic, SEO-friendly, and fast.Laravel SparkLaravel Spark is a framework that's designed as a powerful web application framework to help developers speed up their workflow. The framework comes with a robust MVC architecture, which in itself simplifies the development process.Laravel Spark has a built-in developer IDE and a collection of CLI commands that allows you to 08929e5ed8

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Portable OKPhoto

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